Hi, I’m Marcia Hayden Hendrick. Corsets By Marcia was begun in 2013 when I decided to take 50 years of sewing and turn my experience into making corsets. I come up with the design, take measurements, make the pattern, and construct the corset. There is something deeply satisfying about taking an idea and turning it into wearable art. I primarily (but not entirely) work with silk and cotton. I have fallen in love with batik cotton because of the depth of the fabric-dyed color and its unique patterns. Sewing with silk is joyful and sensual: the feel of the material, the way it holds color, the way it drapes and shines.

One nice thing about corsets is that they take a minimum amount of fabric, so I don’t have to buy acres of expensive material to make one. They do take many steps with specialized materials and techniques, but the result is worth it. I’m having fun making them so that others can have fun and feel good wearing them. Enjoy!

Email:  Marcia@CorsetsByMarcia.com

Phone:  413.354.5029

Mail:  250B Middlefield Rd., Chester, MA 01011