April 8, 2014

I am almost done with a new waspie. I am using a gold, rose and lavender cotton drapery fabric that I found as a remnant. The overall pattern is way too big for a corset, but I loved individual elements of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies. I cut out the images I wanted to use, and pieced them onto the corset pattern, alternating with gold deerskin. This is an experiment that so far seems to be going well. I’m ready to sew on the binding. I have selected the batik fabric I used for this corset¬†as the trim – not an obvious choice, but it worked surprisingly well when I put them together. I’ll put a picture in the gallery when I’m done. Up next will be a corset I’m making for a new customer. It will be a new design – shoulder straps, black leather, and violet batik.

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