Making a Corset Part 3

Here is the current state of the corset:

Corset-for-Cori-12These are the steps it took me to get to this point:

1. I sewed the right outside to lining at the center front seam.Corset-for-Cori-62. I turned it right side out and ironed the seam. I placed the knob side of the busk under the outside fabric layer, pinned it in place, and then poked holes in the fabric with an awl so I could work the knobs to the outside.





3. After all the knobs were out, I used them to mark the left seam line, which was sewn with openings for the loop side of the busk. I inserted the busk with the loops pushed through the openings, and then stitched next to the busk on both sides to hold it in place.







Up next: hand basting the outside layers to the lining layers along each seam line.






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