Making a Corset Part 5

It’s done! Corset-for-Cori-e1


I finished everything except the lacing last weekend, but I was waiting for the satin cord to arrive before I posted. The remaining steps that it took me to get to done:

Corset-for-Cori-e3I measured the length of the bone channels in the order they are on the corset. I cut the spiral steel (which I get in rolls) to the lengths measured and laid them out on my labeled board. Then I used the tipping fluid to coat the cut ends and let the bones dry overnight. I inserted then bones in the channels, then moved on to the binding on the top and bottom.


I cut 2-inch bias strips of the contrast fabric, then machine stitched the strips to the unfinished edges. I turned them under on the lining side and hand stitched the folded edge in place.


The last construction step was installing the grommets in back. I measure twice, mark it clearly, and then punch the holes. After the holes are punched and trimmed clean of stray threads, I inserted the grommets.


Then I waited a week for the satin rat-tail nylon cord. I have used it before, but really wanted something more substantial, so I decided to make a 2-ply lacing. I have a spinning wheel which made applying the twist to the cord feasible. I do like the way it turned out :)




Making a Corset Part 5 — 1 Comment

  1. Love it.
    Not sure the colors work for me but willing to try, if its a small.
    there was one in gazebo, blue and green batik that fit me to a t, but before I choose I wanted to make sure the color spoke of my birthday, and this year that lays ahead of me, dedicated to my healing and restored health and vibrancy.
    what more could a woman want than a beautiful corset, to speak of the history of the corset wrapped around them!
    I just love them.